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3 Ways to Unblocked and Listen Music sites at School

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3 Ways to Unblocked and Listen Music sites at School

Who doesn’t like to listen music, we all love to hear music in all moods in every possible situation. Whether, we are happy, sad, romantic, lonely..

Even I use to hear good songs and music when I get anger from any situation or any person. I remember, when we go to computer labs I want to hear music at school.

Unfortunately, the school managed to block all those sites and some of the related sites too.. If you know what I mean 😀  I want to unblocked music, but i didn’t know how we can do it.

unblock sites

But, you don’t worry.. There are plenty of ways to listen unblocked music at school.

Popular Sites to Listen Music are..

  1. Youtube
  3. Grooveshark
  4. Sound Cloud
  5. 8 Tracks
  6. Pandora

Check out all these sites may be you can access one or two sites from this list. If you can’t access this music site at school or from any other place, then keep reading.

Access Music Site using ‘Google Translate’ Tool

One of the easiest ways to access the blocked music site is to use google translate tool. Below is step by step procedure to listen music from blocked site.

  • Go to Google Translate tool.
  • Copy the url of the desired site which you want to unblock.
  • Now, Paste the copied URL into Google Translate tool.
  • Select ‘Any Language’ and convert it into the English language.
  • Voila! You can access the sites now.

Pro’s of this method are you will not see any kind of pop-up ads and messages, as the identification is hidden your identity will not be identified by the server.

Unblocked Music sites using Proxy

For this method you need to understand how sites are used to block by firewall, and how you can bypass the firewall.
What is a Proxy server? 

“A computer that functions as an mediocre between the browser & Internet is known as  ‘Proxy server’, helps to improve web-performance by caching the frequently used web-pages.”

As mentioned on Microsoft Official site.

Is proxy server free or paid? There are plenty of proxy server providers which are providing these proxies for free as well as paid too. In free servers you may see some pop-up ads or a redirecting page with timer and ad.

Some of the proxies are free and good like kproxyHotspot ShieldhidemassSpotFlux and my favorite Ultrasurf. If you don’t want to see undesired ads in that case you have to use premium proxies or you can try ad-blocker plugin in chrome also.

Unblock & Access  music sites using Hola

Hola Unblocker is a free vpn which supports all main operating systems (windows, Mac-osx, android and ios too) plus major browsers (Firefox, IE and Chrome) also.

Hola Unblocker -free vpn
Moreover, Hola supports smartphones also like Android and iOS. Hole lets user to access any website like YouTube, Pandora or all above mentioned sites also.

Procedure to use Hola to unblock sites at school

  • Download the Hola extension, depending on which browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox or IE).
  • Once Hola extension or add-on downloaded, Hola-icon will appear in the top – right side of your browser.
  • Enter site url which you are willing to accede. (The site would not load if it is blocked at your place)
  • Now, Click on Hola-icon instantly a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select your country – In case you want to unblock sites at school, then you can select any of them.
  • By clicking on desired country, page will reload automatically with new proxy settings.

If you can download Hola you can access any site, you can access any site at any place, whether it is college or school or any other office.

Unblock Music sites in Android using Free VPN

If you want to unblock some blocked sites in your android phone at school, you can do that easily by using any of the Free VPN client. Above mentioned Hola is also a vpn client, you can download hola app in your smartphone and surf anonymously.

There are plenty of other vpn clients applications which are available in google play store for free such as secureline vpn, spotflux vpn, speed vpn and many more..

We are describing step by step guide on how to unblock sites at school on android devices using ‘ Hotspot shield’.

  1. Open and Install Hotspot shield, in your android device from Google play store.
  2. Run the app, by clicking on app’s shortcut.
  3. After opening of application, activate device protection by switching to ‘ON’ mode.
  4. Wait untill app is connected to the server.
  5. Process will be complete, when a message “Connection is protected” is appear on screen.
  6. That’s all! you can now browse blocked sites on your android.

Conclusion: We mentioned all possible and easiest way to access blocked sites it can be music, social networking or any other website. In addition we added step by step procedure how anyone can access a sites anonymously on his android devices also.

If you face any kind of technical problem, or if any question arises in your mind feel free to ask in comment section.

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