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7 Best Microphones for Youtube Commentary & Gamers!


7 Best Microphones for Youtube Commentary & Gamers!

All laptops have microphones, but still, a significant number of gamers and other laptop users are looking for the best gaming headset.

Picking up the right and best Microphone for gaming is essentially not a tough task. While playing the game people become more demanding and they want the best gaming experience from their devices.

Whether it is about HD viewing or the audio quality, everything should be perfect to relate to the game more.

If you feel your onboard laptop mic is not capable of delivering rich sound. In that case, you should go for best microphones for gaming under your budget that will let you experience.

best usb gaming microphones

Check the following list of the best gaming microphones.

1. Blue Microphones Snowball – USB Microphone

Blue Microphones Snowball USB is fab all the way when it comes to undergoing the best audio quality. You have all reasons to go for this stunning microphone for your daily use.

You can connect it to through USB and the availability of trendy colors like blue, orange, black, green, purple and silver makes it more in demand.

Snowball USB microphone for gaming by Blue

It has a dual capsule design and it is unlike ordinary microphones. The enthralling experience of studio-grade sound delivery is appropriately controlled.

The helpful and durable tripod stand keeps the comfort at its best when you are using this inexpensive yet impeccable device.


2. Samson Go Mic Compact USB

This brand microphone for gaming is of superior quality. Samson Go Mic is compact and very cute in appearance. It is highly capable and its compatibility with different platforms is outstanding.

Though, the price of this device is quite less even there is no scarcity of different features to provide you more option.

Samson Go Mic USB Gaming Microphone

It is easy to operate and the sound quality is incredible that motivates you to play the game more often. Samson has multiple setups and its recording quality is also excellent.

Overall, it is the perfect solution for you when you are looking for the eco-friendly microphone for gaming.

For More Info and Buy

3. Rode NTG2 Condense Shotgun Microphone

Rode is absolute yes, all the way. It has unique features and its ability is not limited to give you only excellent audio quality. But it is equally good at delivering the best recording and live streaming. This interesting device is must have for the game lover.

Rode NTG 2 ShotgunMic

It has 1.5V AA battery and designed with rugged metal. It delivers accurate sound so there will be unnecessary noise to spoil the perfect beat. This device sports two steps high-pass filters.

Rode is attractive in looks as it is so sleek and can be carried easily anywhere. It is true that the price is higher than average, but the sound quality will also live up to your expectation along with other features.

4. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser is the best part, it’ll give clean sound with the background music even. It provides the ultimate experience of sound quality for gaming. The fun you will have with CAD is unmatched. It gives competition to many brands.

The wide variety of 8 different colors options is a great support for choosing your best. You have to plug it via USB and it is compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

CAD U37 Condenser-Gaming and Vocal Recording Microphone

You can do magical work of creating your own audio with this. Suppose, you need to have light and normal sound you can decrease the frequencies as per your requirement, but for that, make sure that your switch is in the bass reduction mode. It has a durable stand so using it so far is wonderful.

5. Audio Technica ATR 2500-USB Cardioid Condenser Mic

This brand is also an ideal microphone for gaming and it’s audio quality with sound transparency is something, I like to give full marks to it. ATR 2500 provides  CD-level recording quality.

It has a built-in headphone jack in the front of the device and it has no stand even using it is not a problem at all.

Audio Technica ATR 2500  is perfect for podcasting, voice-over, digital recording, studio recording and outside recording. So you can see that it solves plenty of your purposes only with the $70 price tag.

Audio Technica ATR 2500 - best gaming microphone under 100

It is compatible with Mac and Windows. This lightweight device for gaming is having outstanding frequency setting. It sports high-quality AD converter with 16-bits.

6. Zalman ZM-Mic 1 Headset Microphone

Zalman Mic 1High senstivity headset MicrophoneZalman ZM-Mic is having many helpful factors to keep you in touch with its various versatile features.

You need to plug it in 3.5 mm jack of your computer or laptop or tablet for having worthwhile experience of playing the game with this.

It is one of the best microphones for gaming that offers the unlimited privilege to play different tone and sound and all that you can get it in cheapest price.

With the help of software, you can easily mix up the sound or add or removing the noise in this microphone.

Wired Headset Microphone for youtube podcasting and gaming by Zalman

Setting up the device is also easy; all you need to do is to give your microphone connection of smartphone, PC, laptop, to the microphone jack.

You may face a little problem while connecting this gaming microphone onto thicker microphone chord. But the recording is very efficient with this microphone for gaming.

Zalman ZM-Mic is dirt cheap, small, enormous audio pickup range, great build, and sound quality.

7. V-Moda BoomPro Gaming Microphone

V-Moda BoomPro is the most versatile microphone for gaming. It is bundled with multiple features for your ease of use. It is a good deal of offering awesome sound and by investing only $30 bucks.

You can channelize the frequency as per your need to give the well-toned effect in the microphone for gaming. It will not disappoint you as its performance is far better than ordinary and expensive microphones for gaming.

V-Moda BoomPro Best Microphone for Gaming Under 30

The recording session is also unexpected and offers full coverage that the music will be at its best with the bass. V-Moda is an inexpensive headset, durable, compatible with many brands of headsets and comes with an inline mute button.

These best microphones for gaming are stunning and all the above items are available on Amazon at the best price.

From podcasting to the clarity of the sound, everything is lovely about the above-compiled microphones for gaming.

The pickups of the deep bass sound and the normal can set up easily even you are not professional. Go for any of the microphones for gaming to keep your enthusiasm alive.

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