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Best Headphones under 100 for Audiophile Experience


Best Headphones under 100 for Audiophile Experience

There are plenty of options are available for headphones, but it may be difficult for you to find the best price headphone with all possible features in your budget.

We are looking for the best budget over the ear headphones which has great sound quality, good design is mandatory also (no matter if the design is vintage or futuristic).

In case you would love to check cheap good earbuds then you should take a look at out the previous post i.e. Best Earbuds under 30 USD.

Headphones should be noise canceling, lightweight and support wide frequency range. Last but not the least Price, the price should be under budget which we are assuming here 100 dollars. 

Best Over the Ear Headphones under 100 USD

Are you looking Headphones for watching TV? If Yes! Don’t forget our another post in which only compiled Best Wireless Headphones for TV. We compiled a few around the ear headphones here.

Diskin Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Diskin is promising that these headphones are superior to Bose headphones and Beats by Dre. These are Noise canceling wireless headphones with premium look design and extraordinary bass sound.

Moreover, Diskin headphones are extremely comfortable and widely portable to any of the devices available in the market.

These Noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones require only 1 Polymer lithium ion battery. Operating range of  Diskin Headphones is 10 meters with playing time up to 16 hours.

The noise reduction range is up to 10-15dB with impedance 32½ ohm. Frequency Range supported by this pair is 20Hz-20KHz for full feel bass sound.

Features of Diskin Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

  • Bluetooth version 4.0 noise-canceling wireless headphones.
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
  • Around-the-ear headphone & its metallic premium look.
  • Up to 16 hours of continuous playing time.
  • 32½ ohm – Impedance.
  • Noise Reduction Range is 10-15dB.

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphone

For those who don’t know much about Sennheiser, they are world-class headphone manufacturer.

HD-280 Pro headphone is an around the ear dynamic stereo headphone set which delivers accurate sound, linear sound reproduction, optimum impedance and up to 32dB ambient noise attenuation.

Optimum impedance helps to deliver universal compatibility and home studio sound. The design of HD 280 pro is quite modular, space-saving, and comes up with rotating earcups.

These rotating earcups make it very comfortable to wear and enjoy the perfect studio sound at home on your budget. You can use this pair for a very long time due to its comfort and sound quality.

Whereas, Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphones is better performed in Surround sound test.

If you are a gamer or die hard Movies fan, then you should check our another piece of review; best surround sound headphones which is specially dedicated to our all readers who are gamers or movies lovers!

Features of HD 280 PRO Headphone

  • Accurate & Linear Sound for Monitoring Apps.
  • Frequency response: 8 – 25,000 Hz
  • Coiled cable (min1m/max 3m)
  • Around-the-ear headphone & its Modular design.
  • Come up with 2 Jack plug: 3.5 / 6.3 mm stereo
  • 64 Ohms – Nominal impedance.
  • 102 dB – Sound pressure level (SPL)
  • Weight: 7.8 Oz (220 g)

Monster Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones

Best Combination of great sound and sleek diamond cut design. High-definition Monster sound meets the Diesel style.

The futuristic design of folding Monster Diesel headphone co-developed by Italian fashion designer, Monster, and Diesel. Diesel Noise Division headphones change your vision about listening music, even perception of sound for you itself.

Diesel Noise Division headphones change your vision about listening music, even perception of sound for you itself.

Features of Monster Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones

  • Futuristic diamond cut design.
  • Supports Control Talk Universal & iOS devices.
  • Sound Support Mode is 3.5 Stereo.

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Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Premium Headphones

If you are all bout bass then, those around the ear headphones are for you.

Sony MDR-XB 600 premium bass is powered by 40mm drivers engineered to deliver artist desired hard-hitting hooks.

Ear Pads are newly-developed, made of pressure-relieving urethane foam which provides superb noise isolation & ultra-comfort, while dual-folding design makes it possible much easier to reverse the ear pads for hassle-free portability and listening flexibility.

Specially designed, In-ear design gives room for powerful drivers deliver deep and powerful bass.

Slim swivel-fold earpads make them more comfortable to use. Tightly sealed design allows for a high level of sound isolation.

Nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant stereo jack is attached to these headphones.

Features of Sony MDR-XB 600 Extra Bass Headphone

  • On-Ear XB extra Bass Stereo Headphones
  • Nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant stereo jack
  • 4-24,000 Hz Frequency Response.
  • 104 dB – Sensitivity
  • Nominal Impedance is 40 Ohms.
  • Cord Length: 1.2meter

Conclusion: Above we reviewed, five of the best and most rated headphones over the internet under 100 dollars. We featured those headphones which are in proportion to great sound quality with premium or futuristic design around the ear headphones which has the capability to noise canceling also.

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