Best Wireless Headphones for Watching TV – Top 5 Reviews

Many of us still looking for Best Wireless Headphones for TV or Best Bluetooth Headphones for TV. There are tons of new models are releasing every year by top manufacturers like Bose, Sony, Beats, Skullcandy and may more..

But, How can we find out best headset according to our need? Specially, If we are looking for a wireless headset for watching TV.

Watch TV with Wireless Headphones

We compiled five of the best ‘wireless headphones under 200’ and two of those ‘wireless headphones under 100’. So these headphones are pretty under in budget. Scroll down and checkout the list of best headsets for TV.

5 Best Headphones under 100 – checkout to Buy

There are plenty of options are available for headphones, but it may be difficult for you to find a best price  headphone with all possible features in your budget.

We are looking for best budget over the ear headphones which has great sound quality, good design is mandatory also (no matter if design is vintage or futuristic).

best budget headphones under 100 dollars

Headphones should be noise cancelling, lightweight and supports wide frequency range. Last but not the least Price, price should be under budget which we are assuming here 100 dollars.

3 Ways to Unblocked Music sites to listen Music at School

Who doesn’t like to listen music, we all love to hear music in all moods in every possible situation. Whether, we are happy, sad, romantic, lonely..

Even I use to hear good songs and music when I get anger from any situation or any person. I remember, when we go to computer labs I want to hear music at school.

Unfortunately, the school managed to block all those sites and some of the related sites too.. If you know what I mean 😀  I want to unblocked music, but i didn’t know how we can do it.

unblock sites

But, you don’t worry.. There are plenty of ways to listen unblocked music at school.

4 Ways to Convert .flac files to .mp3 [Mac, Windows & Linux]

Before converting flac files into mp3 first we have to know what flac files are!

What is FLAC? – Here, FLAC means ‘Free Lose less Audio Codec’. It’s a file extension, which is used to store your audio files without compromising with its quality, as it is already clear from the name lose less audio files.

But the problem with flac files is that, it consumes a large amount of space on hard drive; due to this reason most people prefer to convert their flac file into mp3 files, by doing this these files consumes less storage space.

In fact, now days only a hand full of them currently supports flac files.

convert flac to mp3

So, it is necessary to convert flac files into mp3 in order to make these files compatible with all media players.

Some popular software that can be included in this category are; audacity, free make audio converter, Polysoft’s free flac into mp3 converter, media coder, etc.